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doll a day 12 still

  • Posted on July 14, 2013 at 10:26 pm

skylar resting in the shade

skylar unveiled

  • Posted on August 12, 2012 at 12:28 pm

we just got back from holidays and here is the first picture of skylar/pio. i’ll get more up when i get more edited but i have over 500 pictures to go through! this will be her hair color, but she has blue/green eyes coming to match her big sister ananda, and apparently i went overly subtle on the freckles for this last bunch of faceups because they are almost impossible to photograph. of course it is threatening to rain again today so i have time to decide if i want to enhance them. anyway meet skylar…

have no fear of perfection- you’ll never reach it. salvadore dali

painting painting and more painting…

  • Posted on August 2, 2012 at 11:57 pm

i’ve been do, and redoing faceups all week. the weather, as it has been all summer, has not been the best for it, either raining or threatening to rain so that even when i think it is dry enough i’ve been struggling with bubbly msc. on the bright side i’m getting lots of practice doing faceups!

this was the week of the pukifee. skylar (pio) needed her first. here she is unpainted
pio unpainted 3
amberglas had a badly chipped chin and crystal somehow managed to chip off most of her upper lip paint when i wasn’t looking, so they decided to keep skylar company and make it a girls day out. except it turned into most of the week and crystal and noni aren’t quite done.

oh yeah, noni. noni has a great personality but the white skin really bothered me and never fit in with the other kids. i struggled with whether to adopt her out and get a normal skin ante to replace her, (but then she would be too close to crystal), reshell her as a bonnie or dye her. two weeks ago digory (my other ws) got a makeover and now sports a lovely tan, but it took 3 days, 2 dye baths, 3 cans of msc and a LOT of fiddling. so i decided not to try it with a pukifee. so that left adopting her out and trying a different doll.
then i had the idea of playing up the white skin and repainting her as a ghost or a dryad. so noni was wiped down and joined the others at the spa. her faceup is almost complete and i’m loving her new look so far. it’s going to require a different wig and eyes completely so she might not be done for a while yet but i think she will be a keeper. she’ll also get a new name and character. so noni as such will actually go on holidays and come back some time in the distant future as a bonnie i think.

to be continued…