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digging for gold (or pink)

  • Posted on July 21, 2011 at 9:49 am

fabric picking

i meant to add this post before smilga’s gift arrived and i posted the finished quilt. instead you get to see the “before” shot, after. 😆

i’m doing a swap with someone, a quilt for a crocheted dress. it’s a fun idea and the girls helped me pick out the fabric. they were busily diving through a bin of fabric looking for just the right ones. beezie is determined that the best fabric is down below, just waiting to be discovered, noni keeps get side-tracked. “this is pretty she exclaims, “i’d like something out of this….” she looks up beseechingly. ellyce is determined to keep them on track. “she SAID she wanted PINK!” she firmly instructs the other two.

smilga swap quilt

  • Posted on July 20, 2011 at 9:44 pm

i did a swap with smilga (check out the link on the side to see her wonderful crocheted outfits). she couldn’t decide between pink to match her girls room

smilgas quilt pink

or turquise for her favorite color, so we did both!  the quilt is pink butterflies on one side,

smilgas quilt blue

and turquoise bears on the other.  the large pillows both reverse to turquoise and pink butterflies on the back, on the front one has a  pink butterfly, the other a blue bear.  the little ones are solid blue or pink, because the backing showed too much on the wrong side.  i tried a trick i learned elsewhere and put tiny glass beads in the quilt for stuffing.  this makes it drape realistically over the edge of the bed rather than sticking straight out.  it worked really well but was a lot harder to get the beads in past all the pieced seams, so i’m not sure i would try it again.

the pillows are stuffed with a mixture of stuffing and lavender.  the lavender makes for pleasant dreams and also allows for a bit of shaping under sleepy heads.

noni and beezie did a  quality control test and filled the quilt and pillows with best wishes before we sent them on their way.

eiderdown/quilt swap

  • Posted on June 11, 2011 at 12:50 pm

eiderdown swap

i joined a swap for bedding for realpukis/ pukipukis.  my partner liked purple and teddies.  it was fun to do ’cause i love purple and teddies too, so i had lots of fabric that worked.  she sent me the dimensions she wanted and here is what i made.  i think it came out rather well.


here is a picture she took of her cute zoey with her new quilt


i think she looks rather sweet don’t you?