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set back and regroup

  • Posted on May 23, 2014 at 8:02 am

my supposedly preshrunk mercerized cotton shrunk just enough after dyeing that now the cap is too small. i stretched it as much as possible and it still goes round her head but you can see that it is now too short. 🙁 i have ordered more yarn in the right color, since the reason i dyed this in the first place is that i can only get white locally. i will probably put a white lacy trim on the too small caps for her to wear when she just doesn’t feel like bothering with hair, so it won’t be a total loss, but still….

in the meantime, i wound off a small skein of yarn and dyed it with coffee again. as soon as it finishes drying i will make another cap (or 2)

ruby looks as disgruntled as i am. mercerized cotton is NOT supposed to shrink. that is one of the reasons i used it instead of one of the dozens of other fine yarns i have lying around.