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fireplace final installment

  • Posted on December 23, 2015 at 5:19 pm

grate painted black looks like a well used cast iron grate.
Black grate
thread fire led lights through logs btw i ended up painted the lags with my ultra matte varnish because the ash kept getting all over my hands at this step Lol
Thread fire led lights through logs
put crumpled cellophane over the lights. this was included in the kit and just needed to be cut. i’d have preferred something more orange but couldn’t find any.
Cellophane over lights
punch holes for wires in back wall. i couldn’t find my awl so i used a large yarn needle and put in three small holes instead of one larger one. it really didn’t matter in the end.
Punch holes for wires in back wall
back view of wires threaded through
Back view
attach wires red to red, black to black
Attach wires red to red, black to black
tape everything down. the little white thing is an on off switch so the lights don’t go continuously.
Tape everything down

i took a video of the fireplace with the lights flickering and it looks awesome. but apparently i can’t upload video to flickr, so i’ll have to figure out another place to upload it and then add it in.


  • Posted on December 19, 2015 at 4:41 pm

made some stockings for my kids. there are too many to hang fro the fireplace, so we are going with the older tradition of hanging them on the end of the bed on christmas eve. the biggest ones are for my msd sized dolls, the littler ones for my pukifee/latiyellow/tinydelfs etc. the real tiny dolls are still waiting for appropriate sized ones.

i made a bunch of extras to list on my etsy store next year for christmas… if i remember in time 😉

building a treehouse part 3

  • Posted on June 10, 2012 at 12:29 am

i got the back wall done. i glued small square dowels to the top and bottom of the frame and then trimmed the skewers the right length before gluing them on. it’s a good thing i didn’t make the wall any higher or i would have had to piece it. the skewers were just long enough to fit. i really lucked out there since i didn’t think to check before making the frame. i think i need to glue a crossbeam across the middle of that wall to even out some of the warping. i picked the slats that were the straightest end to end, but didn’t check for bowing.
treehouse 14
noah insisted on helping, but was so tired towards the end he fell asleep.

building a treehouse part 2

  • Posted on June 9, 2012 at 2:14 pm

i finished up the base by cutting a piece of foamcore to fit in the hole of the frame,then glued it down. you can see it fills the space pretty exactly. this is so neither the flooring or the base will bow when i attach the tree stump
treehouse 9
then i added back the hardboard backing and glued this to the foamcore, using a stack of books as weights to hold it all flat as the glue dried.
i trimmed the boards so that they were close to the frame, then cut 1/2″ square strips of wood 11-1/2 inches long for the side supports. i first attached them to the corners of the second frame then the corners of the floor. i tried screwing them in but didn’t have the right size square head attachment for my drill so ended up drilling holes slightly too small and then hammering the screw in. odd but it worked.
treehouse 12

here kiri and noah demonstrate the size. i probably could have made it a smidge shorter, but the proportions are nice this way so i’m happy with it.
checking it out

building a treehouse

  • Posted on June 2, 2012 at 7:51 pm

i have several large bushes with severe die-back from a storm, and that combined with this picture from a japanese mook, treehouse 1inspired me to make a treehouse for my tinies.

of course being me i’m not sure the house will be recognizable by the time it’s done and it has already grown from just fitting my realpukis to being big enough for my pukifees and littlefees to play in. i promised the rps a smaller one later. anyhow i thought it might be interesting to chronicle how i made it as possible inspiration for someone else or just for my own interest 😉

i found some great flat frames at the dollar store to use as the floor and roof supports, and flat bamboo skewers to use as planking.
treehouse 2
i glued them down in sections, periodically checking that they are staying reasonably straight, the skewers themselves aren’t perfectly straight – though i did discard the really warped ones – so i’m planning to make it look as though a child helped build it.

here is the floor laid down and glued in sections (just ’cause my weights are too small to do it all at once.) i’ll be cutting the points off later
treehouse 5

last picture today is of the “weights” holding the wood as flat as possible t omake good contact while the glue dries
treehouse 7

winter swap sneak peek

  • Posted on December 14, 2011 at 2:57 pm

a warm blanket, cookies and hot cocoa. outside snow is falling softly or the wind is howling, but inside it is snug and warm. to me that is the joy of winter.

i just sent off my swap for a winter theme and i tried to capture those feelings. i can’t post everything lest my partner guess who he/she is. but i thought i would put up a sneak peak of the “extra” things that didn’t a prescribed set of likes.

mug and cookies

first a tray of cookies to share, and a santa mug for the cocoa

mug and cookies 2

a different view of the cookies. they are home made but not edible, unless you are very young 😆

santa mug

and a closeup of the mug. it is very cute i thought and just the right size. 🙂