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realfee houndstooth dress

  • Posted on May 19, 2016 at 5:23 pm

i saw a picture of a black and white herringbone knit blanket with a red ruffle and it instantly inspired me to make a dress using the same colorway. i decided to do the bodice and sleeves in solid red since the increases in the houndstooth would look kind of “smooshy” and then do the skirt the plaid and add a narrow band of paid near the cuffs to tie it together. doing the ruffle on the skirt the same as the neck/sleeve ruffles caused the skirt to curl too much so i ripped it out and did a mock pleat using a 3×2 rib instead…. much better!

the bodice and sleeves are knit on 1.5mm needles. i switched to 1.75 mm when i started the houndstooth skirt, to add fullness and counteract the natural tightness of the slip stitch pattern.

Herringbone dress
i had all 24 ends sewn in and the sleeve seam sewn, when i suddenly decided i didn’t like the cuffs after all.. too floofy! so i carefully cut the right one off and re-knit it in the round, since i didn’t want to even try and unstitch that whole seam without wrecking it. now i like it much better. i will be doing the same to the second sleeve.
Re-knit cuffs
and here it is with both cuffs re-done. the pile of yarn at the top is all the bits of cut off/unravelled yarn from the original cuffs.

etsy store is open

  • Posted on October 3, 2012 at 3:24 pm

i just posted my first listing on etsy :tapdances around the room.

introducing wisp


i have a long way to go to finish stocking it, but the first item is up so at least i have finally made a start, after all the delays and procrastination. i have 21 dress, 28 nap blankets and a whole pile of hats ready to go so decided to just get there and start listing even of all the pictures haven’t been taken. the weather isn’t cooperating today anyway so i’ll try to finish up the pictures of what i’ve got done over the next week. then i’ll be able to start on some new stuff with a clear conscience.