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take time to relax

  • Posted on October 3, 2012 at 1:01 pm


we’ve been working like mad the past few weeks trying to get stuff ready for an etsy store opening, it seems there is an endless amount of things to do!. tumnus reminded me today to take time to just relax and enjoy life

the boys run away…

  • Posted on October 1, 2012 at 4:27 pm

today was the first of several photo days to try and get my etsy store up and running. the little girls were fairly cooperative, i think it helped that it was kind of like playing dress up for them, trying on lots of pretty dresses then twirling in front of the camera, but noah and tumnus ran away to look for boys to play with. “too many frills!” they exclaimed

noah and tumnus

tumnus is a lot less cooperative since he got his new curly wig and dropped the “mr” he now looks and acts much more like a little boy than a grown elf. noah who also got new curlier hair likes the change since it gives him a boy closer to his age, instead of just girls!

adoption meme

  • Posted on August 20, 2012 at 7:08 am

i finally managed to join in on an adoption meme going round on flickr. i got tagged just before we went on holidays but since there were people still doing it, i figured better late than never. basically it works like this. you take a group picture of your dolls or make a collage of them, whichever works better (due to the widely disparate size of mine i figured the collage was a better bet) then people look at the dolls and decide which of them they would like to adopt if they could pick one without changing anything, and vote for their choice in the comments section. each person that joins in is then “tagged” to do the same with their crew.
adoption meme
so this isn’t all my dolls, since several of them are undergoing revision right now and are in pieces but they are the ones available for photos
top row left to right: smidge, mr tumnus, beezie, amberglas
2nd row: noah, skylar, crystalorn, kiri,
3rd row:eilidh, tiera, cailyn, quinn
bottom row :becca, ananda, shaelyn, ember
who would you pick if you could take one just as they are?

mr tumnus and the fairy fluff

  • Posted on August 19, 2012 at 1:20 pm

mr tumnus and the fairy fluff
mr tumnus is a gentle soul who loves to quietly explore his world, preferring nature to the busyness of city life. but after all if you were only 4 inches tall wouldn’t you prefer gardens too, even wild ones?

mr tumnus and the fairy mushrooms

  • Posted on June 26, 2012 at 11:09 pm

we been out off-roading this week. several of the kids have come along and we had great plans for lovely photo shoots in the woods, unfortunately it as been pouring rain. now this makes for wonderfully fun off-roading and glorious sprays of muddy water as we drive through huge puddles, but it is not great for picture taking and most of the kids refused to get out of the jeep at all! mr tumnus had a sharp eye out and spyed some lovely fairy mushrooms that he just had to have for dinner. i managed to get a quick shot of him, dripping with rain and a little muddy, just about to pick a nice basket full.

mr tumnus and the fairy mushrooms

introducing mr tumnus

  • Posted on June 20, 2012 at 4:26 pm

i though i’d introduce mr tumnus. he looks so innocent but i think he is going to be a real troublemaker.
i went to find the realpuki clothing bin to get out his welcome home suit from willow’s wardrobe and even though the bin is clear and should have been with all the other clothes in the closet i couldn’t find it anywhere. mr tumnus just kept streaking around the house nude and laughing madly while smidge and beezie hid their faces.
a week later it finally turned up right where it should have been all along, but then i realized all the pukifees clothes were missing. today i found their bin upside down and emptied all over the closet floor… on top of some stuff i was looking at yesterday. i swear the smidge and beezie never caused this much trouble. but then he smiles at me and i melt. what am i to do?
mr tumnus

miniature clothespin rocker

  • Posted on June 9, 2012 at 3:33 pm

i took a short break from the treehouse to make a rocking chair from clothespins and woodsies match sticks for my real pukis. it’s a variation on a clothespin rocker i’ve seen posted in several places, but i switched out some of the clothespin pieces for woodsies to make it more symmetrical, so i thought i would post a quick tutorial.clothespin rocker 10
smidge is graciously modelling without her hair since otherwise you can’t see the chair at all 😆
clothespin rocker 1
first remove all the springs from 24 miniature clothespins then glue 11 sets together back to back. i used aleene’s fast tac glue since it sets fairly quickly and dries really hard and clear.
clothespin rocker 2
following the picture glue three sets together for the chair back and the rest together as shown for the sides. (you will also be using 10 half pins to finish up the sides.) make sure the sides are mirror images of each other and that the crossbar is the same height for both sides.
clothespin rocker 3
cut three “woodsie” matchsticks the same length as the width of the widest part of the chair back. these will be the seat supports
clothespin rocker 4
i lined the seat supports up on the corner of a piece of paper to make sure they were squared properly. two should fit in the dips of the clothespin and the third almost at the thinest part of the end. run a line of glue down each wood strip
clothespin rocker 5
cover your wood strips with clothespin halves. mine took 8 halves for this size but a larger size only took 5.
clothespin rocker 6
turn the sides so that the crossbars face in and glue the seat on
clothespin rocker 7
another view of how the seat is attached
clothespin rocker 8
cut 5 woodsies long enough to reach across the frame. you will be putting the seat back pieces on the natural ledges formed by the clothespin ends. one on the front, one on the back. (if that doesn’t make sense let me know and i’ll try and take another picture. the other 3 brace the rockers. two inside the legs and one across the back right against the legs.
clothespin rocker 9
last glue the seat back in place. the should just touch the outer uprights and rest on the lower seatback brace. gluing it to the upper brace though is what really holds it in position. and now your chair is done.

you can make it with larger clothespins for larger dolls but you will have to get bigger wood for the braces as well.

have fun and if you want to show yours off, feel free to post a link :o)

house hunting

  • Posted on May 12, 2012 at 6:51 pm

smidge went house hunting this week and found a lovely fairy house. she tried very hard to like it, but in the end, the annoyance of constantly hitting her head on the door frame made her decide to keep looking

the house that wasn't

sleepy time swap

  • Posted on January 16, 2012 at 8:04 pm

after giving up on a swap that had gone missing for over a month, i remade all the goodies and sent it off just after new years. today i got news that both of them arrived…. at the same time! 😆
i was in a rush to get the first parcel off and forgot to take pictures of any of it, but i did remember the second time. the only thing i really regret not taking photos of was the dustbunny in a top hat, but what can you do? if i can just find the notebook i wrote my pattern in, i’ll have to make another one. it’s the nicest stuffy i’ve made so far (at least in my opinion :))
seepy time swap
the swap was to include a nightcap, nightgown or pj’s and a shawl or robe. smidge loved modeling it and i hope revolutionary cakes girl likes it as well. she likes blue and vintagey stuff. the dress is fine silk yarn, the hat mohair and silk, the shawl and shoes of cotton sewing thread.

these shoes are made for dancing
smidge seems to have mistaken this for a dancing dress. maybe ’cause she does a lot more dancing than sleeping?

cuddle time
she likes snuggling with the snail, who knew a snail could be so cuddly?

and a closeup of the snail
tiny snail
(for reference remember that smidge is only 4″/9cm tall) i crocheted him out of sewing thread with a 1mm hook. i need to work on my closeups with a macro lens. this picture came out really grainy when i zoomed in. i didn’t find out till later that my iso was on auto and got taken at 1600!

seepy time swap and finally a shot of all the goodies, including some story books and a concentration game for her little ones to play.

i’m making more of the hats/shawls and dresses in different colors to put up on the etsy shop i have yet to open 🙂

sleepytime swap

  • Posted on January 8, 2012 at 2:06 pm

smidge and beezie were in a lovely pj swap with revolutionary cake. unfortunately the post office lost our first package to her, and we are still waiting to see if the makeup one arrives. having sent it off at least the girls got to see what they received. (they waited till they had posted off their second attempt before open their own gifts. admirable self restraint i thought!)
sleepy swap 1
but here they are gloating over the huge pile of packages.

sleepy swap 3
beezie was ready to dive right in, but smidge insisted on sorting first.

sleepy swap 4
“look at all the stuff we got!” beezie cooed, we need to try on the jammies right away!

sleepy swap 5
don’t they look sweet! and they can’t stop cuddling their new friends! beezie is blowing kisses to aunty jo!

sleepy swap 6
smidge said i have to show off the cute bum flap! (beezie found that hysterical) then both of them curled up under their blankies and went to sleep.