30 day photo challenge

1. split personality:one doll multiple wigs
2. doll next to a stack of unusual objects that equal their approximate height.
3. reflections
4. dolls without faces.
5. one of your dolls with a musical instrument, (life or dollie sized)
6. a doll and it’s shadow
7. your smallest doll and largest doll together
8. picture emotion
9. doll(s) standing on one foot with no visible props
10. a picture of a doll and an animal (real or stuffed)
11. dolls eating/having a tea party
12. the great outdoors
13. dollie shoes! how many do you have
14. a doll head on the most unusual stand/body you can think of?
15. doll(s) with phones
16. can any of your crew stand on their heads? picture of success or failure
17. dolls with glasses
18. with your favorite doll scale prop
19. doll in a tree
20. your favorite feature
21. 21. doll with computer
22. doll with the best custom faceup (by you or someone else, adding to a default face-up counts
23. doll with books
24. doll with their toys
25. doll convalescing
26. humorous picture of doll with life sized prop
27. a doll and background/setting using only one color
28. black and white or sepia tones photo
29. doll picture photo shopped with a filter other than black and white or sepia tones
30. doll asleep

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