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bed for a 15cm prince(ss) number 2

  • Posted on December 8, 2015 at 7:07 am

Toddler bed 2
using the oval ornament from the previous post, i chose this time to cut it in half since it wouldn’t stand alone. i made the base the same way as the first bed, except i cut the dowels the full width of the 4 craft sticks.
Glue to base
glue the head and foot boards to the base lining up the bottom edges and clamp till dry. the clothespins would make funky legs but they are just temporary 😉

couch tutorial part 3 attaching the seat covers

  • Posted on December 5, 2014 at 9:04 am

the tufting is all done. this is really the only part that wouldn’t work to glue, but you could make your dots farther apart if you aren’t as obsessive as i am 😉 you could also add small buttons or beads on each tuft to mimic the buttons on a couch. personally i hate sitting on pillows with buttons so i refuse to inflict them on my dolls 😆

now tuck the ends in this hides all those ugly frayed ends and makes it look neat from the outside. make sure it is exactly as wide as your foam piece.

and pin in place, line up your batting even with the top of the foam and pin it in place so it doesn’t shift before you turn it over and stretch the back around.

whip stitched closed. this doesn’t have to be super neat as it won’t show. it’s more important that it be relatively flat, and that it hold the fabric tight. you could also glue this step if you’d rather and just leave the pins in to hold it tight till the glue dries, but i think stitching is more secure.

glue and weight …and wait 😉

the top layer added to each seat and weighted again so it will dry flat. once again there are TWO seats here, just stacked for space and so i can use the same weight for both. if you look at the end you will see i carefully covered the foam piece before i wrapped my tufted piece around it. i realized after i did, that the ends would be completely covered in the next step so it wasn’t necessary and i didn’t show that step.

next step coming after the glue dries….