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dollar store dresser upcycle part 3

  • Posted on December 3, 2015 at 8:11 am

last color added. now it starting to look like a battered dresser, perfect for the room of a student or fledgling artist
Dollar store "dresser" upcycle
while the paint is drying i started on the handles. i picked 6 small metal look buttons from my stash, cut the shafts off (using appropriate eye protection!) then glued on beads as spacers so they stick out a bit like real handles. this glue is really strong but has to cure over night so i started now. hopefully they will be ready by the time i finish the varnish coats.
Prepping the new handles

dollar store dresser upcycle part2

  • Posted on December 2, 2015 at 9:54 am

Dollar store "dresser" remake
base coat done and drying. it took four coats of paint but i managed to smooth out the top enough that you can barely see the divots. not something i would normally do, but i didn’t want to spend any extra money on a dollar store mdf dresser, and the paint was basically free since it was left over from another project. besides which the next step is to start painting distressed coats on top….
in the picture is also the paint i used. it is a great paint, seems to stick to anything. quite a bit pricier than the usual small tubes i use but the original project that needed coating was painted metal. i got it at michaels using my 50% coupon so it turned out not to bad. (we have a michaels right beside our favorite grocery store so i went in with a coupon 3 days in a row till i got the 3 colors i needed ;))

now for the fun part. this is where it temporarily starts looking worse. the first time i did this coat i gasped and said ” oh no, what have i done!” but i preserved and it got better… so, coat two is done with bright red painted on with a wooden stir stick dipped flat in the paint and then dragged across the surface to create a random pattern. the red needs to be both solid and blotchy if that makes sense. you want it to look chipped not transparent.
Dollar store "dresser" upcycle
back view
Dollar store "dresser" upcycle back view