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New chair, new bear

  • Posted on February 17, 2016 at 2:21 pm

amber takes a break from test fitting her new hat to checkout the bargain chair we got in the clearance section of pier one (it’s a cell phone holder and was marked down from $23 to less than $6 so we snagged both of them 😉 )

New chair, new bear

she is also cuddling a new bear by honeythorpe, the little girls were much more excited with that parcel than my usual purchases and are having battles over who gets the bear. last i saw they were drawing up time sheets!
we may have to have another lesson on sharing :lol but amber got first dibs as her reward for patiently sitting and letting me try my new crochet hat pattern on her. i still have to sew ends in, crochet the trim and block the flaps to take out some of the curl….so it actually sits like it is in the picture.

i’ve got patterns worked out for my pukifee, littlefee and minifee sizes now, but am running into a snag on the realfee size. they have such big elf/animal ears that the ear flaps just look silly and plain caps are too boring so i’m still trying to decide what to do for them. i’ve done lacey berets before but i wanted something that was a closer fit.

wren’s new dress

  • Posted on June 20, 2013 at 10:40 am

i have to show off wren in this adorable dress by honeythorpe
i saw the dress and snagged it ’cause it was so cute even though none of my girls will wear anything this frilly. but to my surprise it turned out to be the perfect welcome home dress for wren! (which is great ’cause i haven’t been able to sew lately and she would have had to sit around nude otherwise )