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working on a pjs pattern

  • Posted on November 21, 2011 at 3:55 pm

i want to make the girls new pajamas for christmas. i found a really cute red knit with white snowflakes on it to make them with. but first i have to get a pattern that fits.

noni volunteered to be my model for the little girls on the condition that i make her a pair of pink ones, since that is her “favoritist” color.

i made the first trial from a lovely soft blue cotton velour. unfortunately it was just to bulky for the wee ones.
first try
noni said they were way too hot, and not PINK!

next i tried a lightweight knit. the fabric is from a jersey sheet i got cheap to use as test fabric. the pattern is printed crooked so it really doesn’t work for anything else. i realized after i sewed them up that i did the bottoms on the “wrong” side and the top on the “right”. oh well they are just to test for fit anyway.
i think the legs need to be a smidge longer. when i made them snugger in the crotch it cut a bit too much off the leg length.

noni says they are much more comfortable but still NOT PINK!

then she noticed the elastic hanging down the back.
cailyn look
look she said
i gots a tail
i gots a tail!

pukifee swap

  • Posted on October 17, 2011 at 1:02 pm

noni is happily modeling a mix and match set of clothes i made for a swap.
smilga top skirt
the hat is a very bright pink mohair that was hard to capture on film. it matches much better in real life. the ribbon is hand dyed silk, the skirt is cotton and the t-shirt a cute cotton knit print i found.  she is also wearing the the short leggings n this photo but you can’t see them.

smilga top capris

so here they are.

smilga dress and leggings

a sundress and longer leggings, which i apparently forgot to photograph before sending them off.  the are turquoise blue with darker blue/purple dots

smilga jacket and dress

and if she is chilly, the t-shirt can be reversed to make a short jacket.