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the beginning….

  • Posted on September 5, 2018 at 8:53 am

i have two craft rooms and both of them are a TOTAL DISASTER! i tend not to do any of the zillion projects i’ve planned, because i look in the room(s), get depressed, then just close the door and walk quietly away. i’ve been dealing with some fairly severe health problems with my kids for the past couple of years, so when i get a break, cleaning is not high on my list of desirable things to do. but enough is enough, i’m declaring war on the clutter and am going to get rid of all the craft supplies, and half finished projects that i have absolutely no interest in anymore and make room to do the ones i do still like. i plan to blog it, just to keep from quitting halfway, like i always have before…
here is my before picture of the first room
craft room
i actually got a pretty good start today. i’m trying to be really ruthless and only keep craft stuff that works somehow with my dolls, or the mom’s support group i lead. the good thing is i have a couple of charities that would love most of the supplies i am getting rid of (anything that makes it past the garbage heap) the bad news is that doll stuff includes sewing (fabric, thread, lace, elastic etc, etc) knitting (yarn, yarn and more yarn) props (miniatures of all sorts) and more. and the mom’s group requires most of the paper, paint, glue and other sundries that don’t fit my dolls :sigh: