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blocking dresses

  • Posted on September 13, 2012 at 9:49 pm

the parade, and everything else has been put on hold this week as i try to finish up last minute stuff to open up my new etsy store. after months of research, delays and procrastination i am committed to getting it open by next friday at the latest.

blocking dresses 1
blocking dresses 2
blocking dresses 3

after spending the summer crocheting pukifee dresses from assorted cotton sewing thread, i sorted them by color and washed and blocked them. once they dry i will thread a ribbon around the middle, then i need to make petticoats to go with them.

everyone likes a parade

  • Posted on September 4, 2012 at 4:25 pm

wovenflame and the realpukis started a parade on doa which has grown and looks to keep growing (or so we hope)
it has spread to a flikr group called dolls on parade and will be a gallery thread on doa as well, with all sizes a types of bjds joining in.

heres what happened today when the mid sized kids got involved….

tiera took it upon herself to announce to the world that there was going to be a parade
a parade

becca decided to be a tightrope walker and insisted that digory pull her in the wagon
the tightrope walker

ellyce is just back from the spa and fancies herself a trick rider. her steed being a typical donkey, was not terribly cooperative.

tiera and eilidh had a bit of a squabble when eilidh decided that she was a lion tamer and was going to tame tiera
im not going to be your lion
tiera – no i won’t be your lion, and you CERTAINLY are not going hit me with a whip!

eilidh – FINE! i’ll pull this “lion” instead.

to be continued