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eatsleepknit yarnathon

  • Posted on February 7, 2018 at 5:25 pm

every year i say i’m not going to do it, and every year i do anyway….. join in the eatsleepknit yarnathon that is. erin and her team of knitting kitties keep coming up with such fun new challenges that i can’t resist. though true to my quest to keep as much as my crafting as possible bjd related, i try to adapt the challenges to doll sized whenever possible.

this years year long challenge (or kal if you prefer) is to knit a hue shift blanket. my girls really don’t need any more blankets, but i couldn’t resist this pattern – with all its possibilities. done in laceweight on 1.5mm

i played with the color picker and came up with two different blankets to try. one is a 3 color shift, and each block of 9 squares will rotate to give it a more abstract feel.
red shift 2 9x9
i’ve done about 2/3rds of the squares but because i am doing all of the same squares at once, only one block is completely finished
red shift block 1

the second is more like the original and reminds me of a tropical sunset with the bright pink/orange/yellow hues fading into the green/blue/purples of the water
carribean sunrise
carribean sunrise progress

the pink row isn’t attached since i am adding an orange row in between the yellow and pink to make it flow better. it was really hard to find the right orange as the laceweight yarns weren’t quite the right hue and the one that was perfect only came in heavier weight. unfortunately it turned out to be a yarn that was impossible to separate into single plies, without the yarn calling apart :sigh so i am doing it with an orange yarn that is just ok (especially since i’m not a fan of orange to begin with) but i think it works well enough, and the progression really needed an orange to smooth out the gradation between yellow and the peachy pink

it’s a very addicting knit, since the squares go fairly quickly and it’s it keeps changing so there is always something new to see.