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the beauty of hoar frost

  • Posted on March 31, 2011 at 10:58 pm

i’ve always loved the look of the world when it is covered in hoar frost, the trees leafed out in gleaming crystals, the whole world fresh and clean.  before dirt and mud spoils its purity, the sight to me is breathtaking.

hoar frost railing

i love too, how the frost changes everything – giving a new perspective to the most mundane of things.

waiting for spring

grafting woes

  • Posted on March 30, 2011 at 5:25 am

i got up early today and decided to try and finish my new hoody before i had to start work. all i had left was grafting the hood seam – no sweat i’d whip it up quick and on to blocking. after ripping back 3 times because i made a mistake and got it uneven, (a real pain when working with almost black yarn and 1.5mm stitches) i finally got to the end with about 3 inches of yarn left, barely enough to weave in.

finished! just one quick check before burying the end forever.

turning it right side out (those who know grafting can see where this is going) i saw to my dismay that in my inexperience grafting,  i had turned the sweater inside out like you do with most seam finishes,  and i now had a beautiful graft – with the seam on the outside…….

carefully, i unpicked it yet again. this time i came to the end with only one mishap – 8 stitches from the end my poor abused yarn broke and i had to splice a new piece on – but i persevered to the end, and this time got it right.

here is a picture of my hoody, not a great one but after all that i was out of time.  it is much lighter than the original so that you can see at least a bit of the stitch pattern.  once it is washed blocked and has the buttons sewn on, i’ll put up a better pic.

i think i’ll be very happy with this one and anticipate wearing it often.

lace hoody vest front

spring green sweater

  • Posted on March 28, 2011 at 2:50 am

well i’ve done it.  i have been playing around with my camera and finally managed to get a somewhat decent image of my new spring sweater.  now i just have to try to upload it to the blog.  so here goes, a picture of me in my new sweater.

cailyn's green sweater


unfortunately so far i’m just dreaming of spring since outside it looks like this….

winter wonderland

what is one blue stocking anyway?

  • Posted on March 2, 2011 at 2:39 am

one blue stocking blog is the assorted ramblings of me, cailyn mcgregor as i design clothing and other assorted “stuff” to make the life of bjd’s more beautiful and maybe easier too.  here you will (eventually) find tutorials for various crafts, works in progress, and links to stuff that i find interesting. thank you for joining me, hopefully you will find this interesting and want to visit again- if not the world is vast, and there is sure to be something more to your taste out there.

so lets get started.  in the absence of any pictures at the moment i will try to add a link to a cool site i found

lee ann makes mini books with readable pages.  the 1/6th size are quite appropriate for msd’s.  warning though the 1/3rd scale would be too big for sd’s.  try sketching out the dimensions and you’ll see what i mean.

she has the narnia series by cslewis! probably my favorite books of all time.  i’ve lost count of the number of times i’ve read them.  she also has sherlock holmes and jane austin but only in 1/12 scale.  maybe if we all say pretty please she’ll make them in 1/6th.  just imagine, the jane austin books have the entire text in readable format.  pardon me if i wax rhapsodic here.  what can i say i LOVE books.