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i admit i cheated…

  • Posted on September 9, 2018 at 12:08 pm

i had a self imposed rule that once something goes in the giveaway box,there are no second thoughts, and no pulling them out. but this time the rule just had to be broken…
i painted up the top part of my caravan. the “chipped” wood look was poorly done, and just had to go. so i covered it with a shiny coat of silver metallic paint. then i carefully added a bit of “rust” at the edges with plain brown and copper metallic, to match the painted rust that was already on the roof (the only thing from the original that i am actually keeping.) it looked ok, but was too plain for the look i’m going for, so i left it to percolate. just as i was about to go to bed, i remembered the damask stencil i had in my paint supplies, and the mini shiva paint sticks that were already in the giveaway box, and loaded in the car ready to go. i ran out and rescued them. rules are made to be broken right? at least as far as crafts are concerned, and i think the result was worth it. i intentionally painted lighter and darker, because my gypsies will be a little run down at the heels.
top color
of course the other rule that just has to be broken on this one, is not mixing too many patterns together. in this case the more the merrier.
you can get a glimpse of one of the fabrics i’m planning to use for the couch/bed in the background too, if you are interested.
now i just have to remember not to touch it for 24 hours, till the paint dries, so back to cleaning…