introducing noah

  • Posted on April 24, 2012 at 10:25 am

the weather was finally warm enough yesterday to do faceups. of the three i started only one got done. i have to wipe the other two down and start over, i sprayed to thickly and got bubbles. i have another girl who’s faceup also needs redoing. it doesn’t have any flaws really, i just don’t like it. it just leaves me cold.

anyway, my pukifee boy noah came out perfectly. he is just as i’d imagined. even the hair ended up right, inspite of a few mishaps. i tried him first in a carrot red synthetic wig. the color was great but i couldn’t get the hair short enough without getting bald spots. (kind of like my first attempts at cutting my barbie’s hair when i was a kid :lol:)

next i tried the two mohair wigs i’d picked up or him. with some judicious cutting (read hacking randomly with scissors ;)) i got the styles i liked, but the color was all wrong. the first one , which was supposed to be auburn, arrived as a dark brown with a slight reddish tinge in bright sunlight. very cute but definitely did not go with his red eyebrows and freckles. the other wig was blonde, and i had planned to dye it carrot red. which is what i proceeded to do…

unfortunately it was late, and i was tired, so i wasn’t thinking clearly and vigorously rubbed the dye in, and then just as vigorously rinsed it out – forgetting the mohair felts! i picked at it a bit then gave up and left it overnight to dry.

this morning it didn’t look much better, but with nothing else working, i figured i’d plunk it on noah’s head and use it till i could figure out a replacement. to my shock, and pleased surprise it was perfect, or almost so. i turned under the elastic band, which showed up to clearly now that the wig was darker and voila, noah arrived!

now my only problem is i only planned to have girls this size, so i have no clothes for him, hence the paper towel toga 😆

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  1. bearpicnic says:

    He is beautiful. I love all of his tiny freckles. I’m looking forward to seeing how you dress him.

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