what we found in the woods today

  • Posted on August 18, 2011 at 6:35 pm

beezie and i went exploring in the woods. she climbed up this bush to get at the ripe buffalo berries.

peeking over every log and under every bush, but she wouldn’t tell me what she was looking for…

mushroom or toadstool?
maybe under here?

spying a glimpse of blue beezie pulled back a leaf to find an unusual seedpod

checking this out
beezie snuck in for a closer look. “you’re exactly what i was looking for!”

greeting the newcomer
smiling, the stranger climbed out of her pod

smidge says hi
hi, i’m smidge. can we be friends?

found a mushroom
of course beezie said “yes!” so off the new friends went exploring together..

mossy trunk
they found many wonderful things

giant toadstool
then rested together on a giant toadstool

it is just the start of many wonderful adventures together….

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