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30 day photo challenge day 1

  • Posted on December 14, 2011 at 11:56 pm

i was chatting on doa and someone mention doing a 30 day challenge, which got me thinking. i don’t take photos regularly and when i do i often forget to edit/post them. so i decided to turn it into a 30 day photo challenge. each day i will post a subject and have to take a picture of it. if i miss a day i’ll start again the next (since i’m going over christmas i’m sure to miss some!), but my goal is to do this as consistently as possible. i have all of the days preplanned, thanks in large part to photo game challenges on doa.

if anyone wants to join in, just comment on the posting with your url and i’ll add a link to your blog/site.

so, on to the first challenge:split personality:one doll multiple wigs.

i was going to do this challenge with my jid asa, who just can’t seem to find the right wig. but eilidh said her wig just wasn’t right either and could she please try on some new ones? please, please, please? so here goes…
elidlh’s original wig. the color was good but the wig style was kind of blah and matted really easily.

blonde and brown
this is really not her color! and the style which looks lovely on some of the “older” girls just isn’t right on eilidh.

crazy curls
closer, the color is not bad, but the style is not quite there. she might borrow this one occasionally. but i think ananda gets to keep this one.

dark auburn
love this color but the style is definitely too babyish! ellyce gets her wig back ;O)

brown pigtails
not bad, color is good, but it just doesn’t work for me somehow. i think she loses character with this one, she is just too ordinary.

dark brown
she does make a lovely brunette, but blends in too much with my other girls this way.

carrot curls
now that’s better. my spunky little carrot top is back!

straight red
a little more muted red but i think this one suits her too. i think she will probably go back and forth between the last two. my girls all like at least a couple of choices for variety.

winter swap sneak peek

  • Posted on December 14, 2011 at 2:57 pm

a warm blanket, cookies and hot cocoa. outside snow is falling softly or the wind is howling, but inside it is snug and warm. to me that is the joy of winter.

i just sent off my swap for a winter theme and i tried to capture those feelings. i can’t post everything lest my partner guess who he/she is. but i thought i would put up a sneak peak of the “extra” things that didn’t a prescribed set of likes.

mug and cookies

first a tray of cookies to share, and a santa mug for the cocoa

mug and cookies 2

a different view of the cookies. they are home made but not edible, unless you are very young 😆

santa mug

and a closeup of the mug. it is very cute i thought and just the right size. 🙂