tiera’s faceup

  • Posted on July 18, 2011 at 8:15 pm

introducing tiera
tiera blank head shot

and after
tiera woods

my third full faceup.

tiera is a luts honey delf, pitta. it’s a very sweet sculpt and a lot of fun to play with.

i found it hard to pick a wig for her once her faceup was done. her head was smaller than i’d expected and her new coloring didn’t suit the wig i had ordered with her.  my final choice, the pink wig she is wearing, was cut down from a kemper raven. the bangs were way too long- they covered her eyes- and the wig dragged on the floor in the back.   i trimmed the bangs and cut the back to a more wearable length.

i’ve ordered a couple of black/dark brown wigs for her that i hope will work. i like that color on her as well to my surprise ( i thought since she looked so good  in pale pink that she would end up a blonde -but the dark was MUCH better). i like my girls to have at least one fantasy color and one ‘normal’ color for variety.

unfortunately the only dark wigs i had in that size were too heavy for her features,  so i’ve ordered a soft mohair wig, which i think will suit her much better.

i am quite happy with her overall look right now, very delicate and girly, and look forward to lots more photoshoots.

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