cal dyed and blocking

  • Posted on March 14, 2016 at 9:26 pm

i mixed about three different shades of blue in a dye pot. no idea of how much. just kept adding till i got a deep royal. i started with dylon ocean (light blue) and blue jean (dark blue) then added a whole bunch of blue food coloring to brighten it up. white vinegar and salt as mordants. vinegar because i was dying wool, and salt because the dylon dye called for it. simmered it on the stove for about 45 min. periodically pulling the swatch out to check the color. then rinsed thoroughly in cold water once i was done. the result was that the red turned to a gorgeous deep plum color and even the purply black seems more purple, so i ended up with a deep tone on tone purple. it was even better than i had hoped. i thought it would be purple with black but the black seems to have lightened up and the toning is much more subtle. overall i’m thrilled and hope my niece will like it too.

Dyed and blocking

when i took this picture i realized i had made a mistake down in the first pattern repeat so had to very carefully clip it out res-stitch it. now i’m really glad i made a swatch and had a bit of extra yarn in the right color!

Close-up of new color
this was as close as i could get to the new’s showing up a little redder than it should be, i just couldn’t get the true color. it is about that dark , but is a tone on tone blackbery purple. the pattern really shows up now and i love it!

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