doll-a-day 9- presents

  • Posted on May 24, 2013 at 5:42 pm

so once we got home from the hospital it got really tough to set up pictures and i kind of flaked on the challenge. but we took some today when crystal and amber tried to help me wrap presents for a swap. lets just say they had a little trouble….
wrapping presents

wrapping presents

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  1. bearpicnic says:

    Tape and Tinies do seem like a bad match! Very cute photos though. I’ve fallen away from the challenge too. Too much to do to wrap up the school year, lol.

  2. Sharon in Spain says:

    I guess they tried their best…which is more than can be said for my dolls who when asked to help, just sit there looking dumb….and pretending they don’t hear me! 😉

    • cailyn mcgregor says:

      the little ones are a lot more willing to “help” than the bigger girls, who would far rather read a book or text on their cell phones!

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