lucy’s back

  • Posted on January 25, 2013 at 10:29 am

lucy is back with a new faceup. she was really rough on her old one, multiple scratches and lost lashes in just a week, but her new face captured pretty much what i loved about the old one so it is all good. i’m not sure what is getting into the littlefees lately though. they are all attitude when it comes to clothes and pictures. i’d expect that from the teenagers, but not the ‘fees!

lucy is also going through a phase of only wearing black, not a goth sort of black, she is into an urban chic sort of black. i have to admit it really suits her and looks great against that flaming red hair.
lucy's back

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  1. bearpicnic says:

    You’re so right, she is really rocking the black with her beautiful red hair! I love that shade of red, it’s amazing how many shades there are (in both the real world and available in doll wigs). Her face up is so soft and sweet and complements her hair color perfectly. xoxo

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