alice in wonderland swap

  • Posted on December 7, 2011 at 2:48 pm

since we are mostly over our colds, we opened amber’s alice in wonderland swap today. i foolishly left the girls alone with the parcel while i went to get my camera, thinking we could open it and take pictures of each item before looking at the next. silly me! when i got back i found paper shreds everywhere. amber had already changed into her pretty new dress and was wearing her chessy cat ears, looking pleased as punch! crystal was holding up a new skirt and asking amber if she could try it on. noni, who is still fighting her cold and thus inclined to be a bit whiny was saying in despair “but there’s no pink for me! how come i gots no pink?”
alice swap 1
i gently explained that since this was amber’s swap, the gifts were all designed for her, and amber’s favorite color is purple. and besides there was a lovely fleecy blanket for each of them

amber switched into her new purple sweater, and graciously let crystal model her skirt. noni took ALL the blankets and snuggled them with the cute purple puppy. i promised them hot chocolate in amber’s new teapot and mug, and said we would read the new books at bedtime.
alice swap 2 then amber and crystal ran off to play leaving noni to take a much needed nap with the blankies.

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  1. Sharon H says:

    Awww so sweet and poor little Crystal, still snuffling with cold! What a lovely swap for Amber though, lucky girl!

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