trip to lake louise/banff day two

  • Posted on April 12, 2011 at 5:59 pm

after the heavy snowfall the day before, i woke to sunshine sparkling off a snow covered landscape. the day was calm and windless, a perfect day for a stroll and photo-shoot around the lake. the deep untouched snow did make for some hard walking, but it was so beautiful that i didn’t mind

walking around the lake

today i dressed in my new lace skirts (see tutorials for more info on them) and a lovely thick, soft jacket made of shocking pink, malabrigio sock yarn and trimmed with cotton lace. once again i wrapped my bamboo scarf around my neck to keep out the chill.

the sun was already melting the snow, so i debated climbing up a nice little path i found.

starting to climb

but in the end i decided it was just too steep and slippery…

maybe too far?

so i sat down to enjoy the view for a while instead.

i think i'll rest instead

it really was a gorgeous view!

here you can see just how far i had walked.  i started out at the chateau….

see how far we came?

and walked all the way around the lake to the other end!

the snow was so clean and untouched…

the snow is so untouched

i just had to make a snow angel

i have to make a snow angel
then it was time to head back for just in time for dinner.

on the way back i stopped to watch some brave people scaling a huge ice fountain on the cliffside.

ice climbers

but was just as happy to stay on the ground this time.

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