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we interrupt your regularly scheduled knitting for a june kal

  • Posted on June 2, 2016 at 9:36 am

taking a break from doll knitting for my (probably) last kal of the year. this one is my first ever pair of human socks. i’ve done laceweight msd ones before, but never wanted to put the effort into making full sized socks when they seem to wear out so quickly. this was free yarn though and i’ll probably donate the socks to charity.

i’m using a skein of barbie in space that i got as one of my prizes from eat.sleep.knit. i spent yesterday at the doctors knitting bubble sock. after knitting three inches of 1×1 rib and finally getting to the pattern, i decided i didn’t like it and started over today with scatterby so far it’s not going super well, i’ve had to rip them out twice because i used the wrong end :sigh oh well at least i can now apply for the wrong end badge…..
June kal space socks