grape fizz

  • Posted on March 2, 2017 at 12:07 pm

started another hat in malabrigo mecha, this time in a lovely grape purple called borrajas. this is the last of the bulky yarn i have in my stash. based on my red hat i though i would get a hat and cowl out of the two skeins, but this hat is quite a bit slouchier and i only got this far before the end of the first. i’m using this hat pattern
grape vanilla hat progress
i modified the pattern to make the band tighter. even using smaller needles, this seems to be coming out big, so i did only 106 stitches in the band. i also made it 1×1 rib instead of 2×2 and only increased up to the 115 stitches needed for the charts on the last rib row. i also ended up starting the increases on the 7th cable row instead of the 8th and just reversed the decrease chart in my head. this made the double seed stitch sections always start and end on a purl instead of a knit throughout the decreases, which i think worked out better. i did two extra decrease rows of 15 stitches each to get the stitch count down to 15 instead of 35 before tying off. i like the tighter center that created.
here is a view of the top with the lovely star pattern, my whole reason for picking this pattern
grape fizz hat top
and a side view
grape fizz hat side

as expected from my progress pic i don’t have near enough yarn to make a cowl, so i used my scale and divided the ball into 2 equal ones (wish i had a ball winder to get a center pull instead, but it wouldn’t work for my laceweight yarn, and isn’t worth buying for the few balls of bulkier yarn i get.) i will cast on both fingerless gloves at once, and knit till i run out of yarn
grape fizz fingerless gloves
i’m planning to order an extra ball of the mecha to get the cowl i wanted. and one of arroyo (the only other base with this color) to get a finer pair of gloves. hopefully the dyelot will be close enough to get at least a coordinating set. that’s always a gamble with hand dyed yarn

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